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Bilingual Plays


Arising from my long contact with South Korea, the plays written on Korean themes have in many cases contained quite a lot of korean dialogue.  These are the ones in which that crosses a threshold, and which can be called bilingual.

Looking for Yoghurt

Written in three languages, by Peter Wynne-Willson [UK], Kim Mijeong [Korea] and Toyoko Nishida [Japan] Looking for Yogurt centred on a meeting between three children who spoke different languages and watches as they play together and become friends.  Performed initially in all three countries and then toured widely.

The Bridge

Co-written with Ko Sun Duck.  A truly bilingual play, performed in both countries without subtitles, telling the story of a British Soldier, lying injured, who is befriended by three Korean children.  

Hae Wa Dal [The Sun and Moon]

Written for a one-person performance using puppetry of found objects, this was a story-telling piece, based on a traditional Korean story.  Created with Choi Young Ai and directed by Ali Belbin.

Deong Jeon Deon Jigi

This was the Korean version of Heads or Tails, which was translated for performance at the Korean National University of the Arts in 2002.  Translation was by Lee In Soo, and I directed the project myself, which was a shorter version of the original play.

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