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I have been pretty hopeless about keeping this website up to date.  I will try to do better....  If the first item on this page looks very dated, please get in touch and ask me what's new.

Career Change


My big news is that I am back full-time in freelance work, after seven years during which I surprised no-one more than myself by undertaking a full-time job, as Course Director for Applied Theatre at Birmingham Conservatoire.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a pretend academic, and am really proud of what we managed to do within those years, and I miss the many wonderful students that I spent the time with.  But it is also very good to be back in a position to focus on my own creative work once more.  

Barrow in Furness


In January and February 2023, I was undertaking a residency in Barrow, in Cumbria, as a story-maker, working mostly in schools in the town.  This project, enabled by the wonderful Barrowfull - the creative team which is making such a difference to the town with its enterprising programme of creative activities - was thoroughly enjoyable 

Echo Eternal

In the autumn 2022 I worked with Selly Oak Trust School, as part of the Echo Eternal Holocaust Memorial project.  This was a challenging and fascinating project, culminating in a short documentary film made with and by a diverse group of students, including filming at Moor Street Station.

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Moonbeams Podcast


As part of the Early Years project 'Moonbeams' with which I have been associated for 20 years, I took part in a very enjoyable podcast about 'Playfulness' with Laura Brodie, Peppy Hills and Pepita Hanna.  You can hear it here 'Playfulness'

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Hanyong 5


The code name for the next major Hanyong Theatre project - being the fifth!  The research stage is underway for the next major collaborative project with Korea.  We had been hoping that Orange Polar Bear would return for an international tour, but that seems less likely and so the company is looking at some new partnerships.  Keep up to date with Hanyong developments at


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