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The Plays

Peter grew into writing originally from being in devising companies, and many of the plays he has written have been collaborations.  Most are for young audiences.  All of these have been performed professionally, but most are also available for further productions.  If you are interested in producing any of these, or revisiting them, contact Peter direct to look at a script, or follow links for further details.  Several scripts can be downloaded direct from this website, by clicking on the script buttons. 


Download a full list of these plays as a PDF HERE

The Bridge


Co-written with Ko Sun Duck

The Bridge is the only one of Peter's plays to be available in print.  Written through a collaboration between UK and Korean Theatre Companies, it is a bilingual play about a group of orphaned children in the Korean war, who befriend a young wounded British soldier.  Originally performed in Korea and the UK in 2005, it was revived for the ASSITEJ World Congress in Adelaide in 2008.

Front cover of the published version of The Bridge, by Peter Wynne-Willson
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