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Other Major Projects


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Hanyong Theatre

Since 2005  I have been Artistic Director of Hanyong Theatre, which we set up specifically to support the work in Korea.  So far the company has completed four projects, and details of this can be found on the company website at   An account of the history of the company is part of the research exposition about the latest project, which you can access at Orange Polar Bear.

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Theatre/Opera Directing

In addition to writing, I have often directed projects, including work with many of the local companies, and also opera directing with East London Metropolitan Opera [Magic Flute at Hackney Empire, and Barber of Seville at Bow Boy's School]  A short account of the Barber is viewable HERE

Moonbeams Podcast


As part of the Early Years project 'Moonbeams' with which I have been associated for 20 years, I took part in a very enjoyable podcast about 'Playfulness' with Laura Brodie, Peppy Hills and Pepita Hanna.  You can hear it here 'Playfulness'

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Sarah Kane and Blasted


In July 1993 I directed the first workshop production of 'Blasted', working closely with Sarah Kane, as part of her MA at Birmingham University.  We presented the first section of the play to an invited audience, and it was a significant event in the launch of her all too short career.  In due course I will add notes about this remarkable experience to this website.

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