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International Work

In the last 23 years, Peter has done an increasing amount of international work, much of which stemmed from his connection with South Korea, which has proved a very rich source of inspiration, friendship and collaborative creativity. 

1999 he started a job as a Visiting Professor of Theatre-in-Education at the Korean National University of the Arts.  In the three spells at KNUA he established a TIE Module as part of an MFA course, and has taught 16 years of students in Korea, although since 2008 the main teaching has been done by previous graduates, and his has been limited to short courses each year. 


KNUA is a remarkable place, taking only the very best artists in Korea as its students, and over the years many graduates have found their way into interesting jobs, and so in recent years Peter's involvement has been mostly with companies formed by former students.  Much of this work has been carried out through a specialist company  established in 2005, Hanyong Theatre Company, and that work is detailed on the Hanyong website.


Arising out of the Korean connection, he has also worked several times in Japan, most recently directing a really exciting multi-national project, Walking Shadow, for the Kijimuna Festival in Okinawa. 

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