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Most of the plays I have written were performed and then disappeared without trace - if you did want to see copies of scripts,  I have made many downloadable from this website.  The only published script The Bridge, is detailed below along with other publications from across the years.

The Bridge


Co-written with Ko Sun Duck

The Bridge is the only one of Peter's plays to be available in print.  Written through a collaboration between UK and Korean Theatre Companies, it is a bilingual play about a group of orphaned children in the Korean war, who befriend a young wounded British soldier.  Originally performed in Korea and the UK in 2005, it was revived for the ASSITEJ World Congress in Adelaide in 2008.

The Inflatable School

ISBN 978-0-9563002-0-1


Written in the course of a great project involving five Walsall schools this adevnture novel for 11-13 year olds started from workshops with children, and was then serialised over a term, with the children e-mailing suggestions each week as the story developed.  

When Luke moved house, he thought everything would be normal, apart from his family, who were always weird, bjut then strange things began to happen....

Published by Leighswood Publications, the book is still available through all good book shops.

Living With Nature

ISBN 9788927703785


This book, published by Darakwon Publishing in South Korea, contains two original stories, created for english language teaching.  Beutifully presented, with gorgeous illustrations, they are the story of the little tree, growing with a city around it, and the young girl from Jeju Island, who dreams of joining her grandmother and diving under the sea.


Written with editing and accompanying reading notes by Peter's sister, Ruth Wilson

Theatre for Young Audiences

ISBN-13: 978-1858565019


Published by Trentham Books in 2013, and edited by Tom Maguire and Karian Schuitema, this book contains a chapter by Peter Wynne-Willson called "The Peter Pan Approach - writing plays for children by playing with children."  This describes the methods used in three plays written in collaboration with children - The Shooky, Tiger Trail, and Princess and Ginger.  There is also a chapter by Karian Schuitema which compares another PWW play, 'Once Upon a Tiger' with 'The Lion King'

Articles and Pamphlets etc.




Arts Professional 2009

'Child's Play - International collaboration in Theatre for Young Audiences


Storymaking with Under-5s

National Association of Writers in Education magazine article.


'No Toilet for Tigers' 

Pamphlet about original 'Moonbeams Early Years Project


Stories from Scratch

Story-Making article for Language Alive Theatre Company


Reluctant Academic

Compilation of Emails home from Korea during 1999 and 2002


Ever Worked in a Mill? 

Article for Theatre Writer's Union Newsletter about Theatre-in-Education

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