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Early Years Work

Since first being involved in Early Years work in the 1990s, it has become a big part of the mixture.  As one of the key artists in the ground-breaking project 'How to Catch a Moonbeam and Pin it Down', Peter began to develop new ways of working with very young children, creating stories together, scaffolding their imaginative play, supporting their creativity across a range of areas.   


His story box has become a familiar sight in nurseries, children's centres and Key Stage one class rooms, through a series of long and short projects and residencies. He has also created plays by working with young children - a process documented in “The Peter Pan Process - creating plays for children by playing with children” - Trentham Books 2013  


The beautiful image on the left was taken during a project at Goodway Nursery School involving Korean actor Bae So Hyun.  Here she was 'discovered' stuck up a tree in the school grounds, playing her violin!  The children, found her and decided to help her...making friends in spite of no shared language.



"Every child should have a crazy uncle" 

Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia

Listen to Peter's podcast about this work at 'Playfulness'

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