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Theatre-in-Education Plays and Progammes


Most of the Theatre in Education 'Programmes' [this is the usual term for a project which may or may not include performance and active participation] that Peter has been involved with were group-devised, but the following are those where he was credited as the sole writer.

Emmett reaches out for her lover - a scene from Saving Hope by Peter Wynne-Willson
Saving Hope

For Language Alive - commissioned and toured in 2002 and revived in 2014 and 2020.  Initially a half-day programme, later expanded into a full day, for upper primary pupils.  Built around the story of the Derbyshire village of Eyam during the 'Black Death', the programme placed the children in role as villagers of the neighbouring village, 'Hope'. 

A girl is playing a creature who has come out of the sea and is meeting children

For The Play House -  a half-day participatory programme for Key Stage 1 pupils [4-6 year olds].  Bonnie Cove is a fading seaside resort, where there have been sightings of a strange creature in the sea.  Nori speaks only in a strange language, and uses what she has around her to tell her story.  But will she be allowed to stay in Bonnie Cove?

A room full of junk that has been collected by Nora
Somewhere, or Nora's Ark

For Gazebo TIE Company in Wolverhampton.  A touching story about a relatonship between two outcasts - Niven who has suffered from negative labelling from an early age, and Nora, the old lady who lives in that strange place on the edge of town.

A pregnancy test registering a positive result
The Cut

Commissioned as Walsall reached the summit of the teenage pregnancy league, and toured to schools in Walsall and Wolverhampton by Gazebo Theatre-in-Education Company.

A young child is smoking a cigarette
Risky Business

For Women and Theatre.  A fun mystery thriller, opening up the story of the way the tobacco industry targets young people.  A different approach to a health promotion project.

An african woman looks direct at the camera

For Big Brum TIE Company in Birmingham. Written as part of a two-year anti-racist project in 1988, Homeland was the performance section of a whole day programme for Secondary Schools.  Through the eyes of three people caught up in the Siege of Mafeking, the play looked at Britain's historical involvement in South Africa.

A man is introducing himself to a class of primary children, in a scene from The Broken Peace
The Broken Peace

For Greenwich and Lewisham Young People's Theatre in London.  Written during the years of the break-up of former Yugoslavia, this one-day participatory programme looks at the way friends can be turned against each other, and people reduced to pushing hand carts across borders.     

A half full glass of whisky

For Big Brum TIE.  Based around a harrowing true story of a family torn apart by grief, the play was part of a Health Promotion project exploring alcohol.  When Ben is taken to meet his girlfriend's parents, he begins to uncover a story that has cast a long shadow over the whole family.

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