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Plays for Family Audiences


These plays were all commissioned for national tours to family audiences by story theatre company Moby Duck.  In each case performers came from South Korea to work alongside UK performers.  All but the Dream Eater were also directed by Peter.

The Dream Eater

2015.  Built around the Japanese mythical creature who eats bad dreams, this play with music dance and puppetry featured Bae So Hyun as Yona, with Therese Collins and Peter Wynne-Willson. The play was directed by Gwak Jung Eun.

Bong Soon - a Windy tale

2011.  The late and much missed Im Hyo Shin played the gusty [sic] heroine of this version of Korean favourite The Farting Daughter-in-Law, with Julie Baker and Greg Hobbs making up the cast.   The play was a co-production with Sadari, Korea's leading TYA company with Julie playing 'The Fart' in the Korean version.

I'm Still Hungry

Commissioned by Moby Duck Theatre Company, based on the Story of the Sun and Moon, a play for three performers for family audiences. [Toured nationally during 2009].

Two Bum Bun

Based on another traditional Korean Tale, [called Sugungga in Korean] this tells the story of a turtle and a wily rabbit, and in this version explores a relationship across cultures. Using found objects as makeshift puppets, in a Korean style. For 3+ and families. [Small-scale venue tour Spring 2007]

The Frog who Wouldn't Hop

2012.  The traditional Korean story of the frog who always does the opposite of what he is told was the basis of this play with musician Olly Armstrong providing live accompaniment to Shin Sun Young as Gregory, and Terina Talbot as his mother.  Design was by Olly Shapley

Once Upon a Tiger

An original story created by working with 10 year old children in Walsall and Seoul, the cast was Moby Duck veterans Alison Belbin and Dan Hagley, joined by Park Ji Hye. 

The Kam Tree

Fourth in the 'Korean' series commissioned by Moby Duck Theatre Company. Based on a combination of traditional Korean stories. Featuring Korean musician performer Park Young Ju as a Magpie with a story to tell. For 3+ and families. [National tour of small-scale venue Spring 2008]

Tiger Trail

Created by working with 5-7 year old children in Seoul and Wolverhampton, this play is made up from combining story ideas in two continents. Performed by a Korean percussionist, a storyteller and an Indian classical dancer. Design by Craig Denston  [Small-scale venue tour Spring 2006]

Iagi Boddari [The Story Bundle]

Play for actor, puppeteer and musician, based on a number of Korean traditional tales commissioned for a national tour of small and medium-scale venues in 2004-5 Design by Craig Denston [Moby Duck Theatre Company]


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